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You are already a home-based travel advisor or working in a travel agency looking to become home-based. You have discovered ONVIGO and recognize that our NO FEES structure and our 70% commission on everything you sell is a better match for your business goals.

What makes Onvigo
a better match for your business?

No sign-up fees | No monthly fees | No yearly fees

70% commission on every supplier

No split on the service fees you charge

We complete your invoicing for you

We chase any missing commissions for you

Flight & Schedule change support for your air bookings


Our accounting services include Invoicing on your behalf, sales and commission tracking and chasing outstanding commissions from suppliers. This will allow you to spend more time selling travel and less time with administrative duties.

Sales & Commission

Your income, your way. Our commission structure doesn’t penalise you with the products you sell. No matter which supplier, product or destination you sell, the commission split is designed to help you earn more. ONVIGO is also a proud member of the Travel Leaders Network offering access to exclusive offers & amenities on land and cruise travel. You’re in control of your earning potential with commission structures that work for you.


Leading with technology, we provide the latest integrations in booking engine technology and direct access to desirable travel products. Access to travel products via our exclusive booking engine & consortia partners. Peer to peer social channels for staying in touch with the vibrant ONVIGO community. Our Customer Relationship Management tool integrates directly with your email making client interactions simple and efficient. Digital authorization forms to collect your client’s personal details to ensure accuracy and a customizable lead-generating consumer website that puts you at the centre of your business.

Included Tools

Unlike other programs offered by some host agencies, ONVIGO has created a program that combines:

Direct Telephone Lines to each support department

Bi-monthly promos & education communication

Social Media channels

Live Chat via your computer or smart phone

Monthly “Let’s Connect” video chats

Email Support

State of the art ticketing system

Peer to Peer Support channels

Professional Mentorship and Development

You also have access to a huge breadth of knowledge from the industry veterans at ONVIGO. So when you have questions about destinations, airlines, cruise lines, resorts, really anything, there is someone you can connect to directly to provide you with the education you need to support your clients and grow your business.


Onvigo offers a more supportive program for experienced agents.  Ongoing support from our team of experienced professionals (online and over the phone) ensures you get the support you need. You have access to a huge breadth of knowledge from the industry veterans at ONVIGO. When you have questions about destinations, airlines or cruise lines, resorts, social media trends and highly effective marketing tactics, really anything, there is someone to provide you with the education you need to support you, your clients and to help you grow your business.

Core Values


  • Your success is our success 
  • Partner driven solutions
  • What can we do for you?
  • Embracing your feedback 


  • We listen to your needs with understanding
  • Operate with Integrity
  • Recognition for local peoples and the environment 
  • Sustainable approach to business


  • People Centric with a focus on belonging
  • Fostering Diversity and Inclusivity Always
  • Sharing of best practices to innovation
  • Peer to Peer Connections


  • Guidance from Team of industry veterans 
  • Leading edge technology that simplifies your business processes
  • Ongoing professional development 
  • A digital workplace wellness program

Become the travel advisor you want to be with a host agency that truly understands your needs. Get the support, training, mentorship, integrated technologies, and marketing you have always wanted. 

We recommend that you arrange a call with us to discuss what ONVIGO can do for you. 

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