Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the commission split 70% for the IC and 30% for ONVIGO?

As a host agency, we provide many services to ICs to assist you in building your business and making commission. The split is structured to allow us to provide these top notch services to you. These services include: Best in Class CMS (Client Management Solution) | Leading edge website technology | All of the marketing services provided to you (Direct Mail Program and Digital Mail Pieces (Email) | Telephone Systems | PLUS Top Industry talent to assist you with building your ideal travel business.

If I choose to be hosted with ONVIGO, can I be my own brand?

NO – here is why. Building a new travel business takes a lot of time and energy. As a new travel professional, you will be consumed with learning new systems, new ways of doing business, new products and how best to consult with a wide range of clients. Now imagine while you are doing all of that you would need to put time and energy into building a new brand simultaneously. ONVIGO wants you to be successful and expecting you to take on a new business and a new brand at the same time will seriously hinder your opportunity to do that. Take the time to build your business under the ONVIGO brand since all of the heavy lifting has been done by us. All you need to know is focus on growing your travel knowledge.

Do I have to renew my contract after 12-months?

The contract will continue for an indefinite period of time, subject to the termination provisions of the Agreement. AKA you can decide to continue with the business you have built or you may choose to end your relationship with ONVIGO. We sure would hate to see you go after all the hard work you have put in. If you choose to stay, there is no renewal process, you will continue with all of the services and support you have come to rely on and appreciate remaining at the same high level of standards you have come to expect.

How do I know how much I have sold in a week/month/year?

Not only will you have access to the top tier accounting system to add all of your bookings and for ease of invoicing, but you will also have access to full reporting capabilities so you can track and monitor your sales and any outstanding commissions.

Which Travel Consortium does ONVIGO belong to?

We are a member of the Travel Leaders Network-a global travel agency network community with the strength, passion and expertise to empower leisure and corporate travel agencies. Travel Leaders Network have more than 120 suppliers covering cruise, tour, air, car, rail and more. PLUS all travel styles included: luxury, business, adventure and more. ONVIGO members benefit because they have the most comprehensive list of partners in the travel agency sector, all of which are available to you.

Are there fees to participate in the marketing from ONVIGO?

NO – The marketing we provide to your clients is FREE, as is the website, the support and all of the technology that is provided. The only additional cost when it comes to marketing would be if you wanted to purchase additional direct mail pieces (above your regular allotment) or if a supplier is running a marketing opportunity and they have a fee to participate.

How much say will I have in how ONVIGO supports my business?

Your feedback is crucial to everything we do. We will always solicit your feedback when it comes to new or existing programs and how best to facilitate what you need as a member of ONVIGO. Our monthly “Let’s Chat” meetings not only give you important company updates about ONVIGO, they offer round table discussions for all members to weigh in and let us know where the opportunities are to continue to improve what we do for you.

Should I consult legal advice before signing a contract with ONVIGO?

Before entering into any contract you should complete your due diligence. Reviewing any contract carefully. Make sure you understand all of the provisions and ask as many questions as you need to until you have all of the answers you need.

When do I get paid my commissions?

The short answer is, after your clients have returned from their travels. Almost all supplier partners we work with do not pay out commission until after the client has travelled. This is to ensure that they can repay a client if there is a cancellation prior to departure. This method of pay out actually benefits travel professionals as you would not have to deal with commission recall, added work with no pay off. A typical example is as follows: In April you book a cruise for two people travelling in 6 months time (Oct). Once the clients have sailed in Oct, the cruise line pays ONVIGO support office the commission on your file. ONVIGO processes that payment within 30-days of receipt and you are likely going to be paid in November (or December) for the trip you booked in April.

Will I receive leads?

ONVIGO provides you with a full tool box of marketing to assist in generating leads for your business. We offer ongoing training for social media and marketing initiatives that you have full access to to maximize your ability to attract new clients and to engage with existing ones. We do not offer a lead generation program.

Who owns my customers?

You do! ONVIGO does not claim ownership to the clients you bring to your business. If you choose to leave ONVIGO, your clients and your client list go with you.

Does ONVIGO sell travel directly to customers?

NO – ONVIGO only supports Independent Counsellors, we do not sell travel directly to consumers. We support you and the growing of your business to earn our revenue. It is growing your business and helping you to achieve your travel business goals that makes us a success.

Is ONVIGO and MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)?

No – we are a host agency that supports individuals looking to start a career in the Canadian travel industry. By joining ONVIGO as a member, you are your own business owner with all of the responsibilities and legal issues that come with it. ONVIGO’s role is to assist you every step of the way and assist you with fulfilling that pursuit.

What happens if my commission doesn't come in from a supplier?

ONVIGO offers commission chasing services. Let us work with suppliers to ensure that you get the money you earned on the file. 

Do you offer vacation support for my business while I am away or travelling?

ONVIGO will assist you in finding another qualified ONVIGO member to assist you while you are out of office.

Does your program offer me a competitive advantage?

YES – you will have access to air fare rates not available to other host agencies, amazing rates on cruise and land packages that come with value added perks you can provide to your clients at no additional fees to you. PLUS, opportunities provided through our membership with Travel Leaders Network that you can leverage to your clients to bring them the WOW factor.

Does ONVIGO operate under all of the required regulatory bodies and legalities?

100% – we follow all of the regulatory requirements from banking to invoicing to contracts as per Canadian and Provincial law.

How does ONVIGO support sustainability efforts in the tourism sector?

Onvigo is partnered with Trees 4 Travel, an award winning environmental ‘Tech For Good’ company working with travel brands all over the world in the business & leisure sectors providing FREE carbon management technology to calculate & help reduce emissions impact. We also use sustainable suppliers for branded marketing materials (Welcome Kit included).

Will I get a welcome kit to support my business?

YES – Should you choose to become an Independent Counsellor with ONVIGO, you will be supplied with a kit full of business essentials. This includes custom business cards with your contact information and TICO details and website URL PLUS ONVIGO branded items like luggage tags, mouse pad and more.

How often are commissions paid to agents?

You can choose to receive your commissions monthly or bi-monthly.

Do I have to charge my clients service fees?

NO – But here is why we strongly encourage you do charge service fees. The commission you earn from the supplier is their way of thanking you for doing all the work to get the sale for them. It is the supplier’s way of compensating you. But your clients doesn’t pay you anything for your time, expertise, knowledge or energy. Charging a service fee, post COVID, has become a standard practice for most travel professionals. Travellers understand that a lot of work goes into planning a vacation, it’s likely the reason why they are using a travel professional, to save them having to do it themselves and/or they want expert service from a trusted travel advisor. That level of service comes with a fee. Your fee structure is something you can decide on. Which amount of money feels right to you based on the amount of work your client is asking you to do.

Do you offer a mentoring program?

Our business model is set up that every team member of ONVIGO is there to support you with your travel business. Have a marketing question? You will be able to connect directly with the marketing team. Have a question about the cities of Germany? You can connect with an ONVIGO team member who knows the most about Germany. Want to know how to present an itinerary to your clients, the answer is merely a click away.

Will ONVIGO be able to support my niche?

ONVIGO is set up to assist ALL AGENTS, both experienced and people new to the travel industry.  As you grow your business and your niche becomes clear to you, reach out to us and we can assist you in creating a detailed plan to enhance your knowledge, ensure you are connecting with all of the right suppliers and that you have marketing materials that will assist you in selling your niche successfully.

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