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Are you the biggest host agency in Canada?

NO – ONVIGO is not striving to be the biggest in Canada. We aim to be the right model for those that require extra support to make their travel business a success.

What makes ONVIGO different compared the other host agencies in Canada?

Our philosophy and our mission statement are what sets us apart. 95% of the host agency models in Canada are practically identical. They may have one or two elements that differentiate them from the others, but basically they have the same business model-sell travel, make money. At ONVIGO, we are dedicated to removing the barriers that prevent marginalized groups from gaining access to the travel industry. Here is an example. If you want to become a travel agent in Ontario, you must be licensed by the provincial regulatory body TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario). ONVIGO’s program includes the TICO exam prep as part of your training, while other host agencies expect that you complete the exam and the self directed learning to pass the exam on your own. Which options sounds the like support to you?

Do you offer ongoing travel education opportunities?

If you decide to become a home-based consultant you will have plenty of training and learning opportunities after the FREE 2-week course is over. ONVIGO will continue to facilitate learning opportunities that support your needs. Product knowledge, selling skills, marketing courses, social media courses, and of course FAMS. Familiarization Trips or FAMS are available to members of ONVIGO. Our supplier partners offer the opportunity to attend a FAM trip with them based on sales volumes, destination specialists, partnerships with agencies and/or host agencies throughout the course of a year. Generally, there is a cost to attend FAMS, and minimum expectations of what a participant needs to complete or accomplish prior to or while attending a FAM. These opportunities will be extended to all members of ONVIGO as they become available as well as the full details of what is required to participate.

What is the total cost for me to take this program?

It is 100% FREE of charge. That’s right there is no cost to you to take the FREE 2-week training program. Our mission is to remove barriers to those that want access to the travel industry. Our contracts are 12-months long, they do not auto renew and you can leave with 30-days notice. There are no start-up fees, no monthly fees and no yearly fees. ONVIGO only generates revenue based on what you sell, so we want you to be successful.

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