Onvigo’s Support Team

The ONVIGO Support Office is comprised of seasoned professionals boasting extensive experience in the travel industry. Our expertise lies in the comprehensive management of operations, training, advisor support, and marketing services. Hailing from diverse backgrounds, our team brings a wealth of knowledge to assist new advisors in the industry, support seasoned professionals, and consistently deliver exceptional results. Each team member is deeply passionate in their dedication to supporting people and their aspirations in becoming members of the travel industry.
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Shean Carmichael

Director – Host Agency Operations

Meet Shean

Meet Shean, Operations Manager. A member of the Canadian travel industry for nearly 25 years. Starting in the industry as a travel agent through the new agent program at Flight Centre, Shean earned Top Newie Award in his first year and quickly moved from counselor to agency manager.

After 3 years he moved onto additional positions within the industry including US Retail Sales Specialist, Travel Manager, Special Projects Manager and Director of Marketing & Communication with a prominent Canadian home-based host agency for nearly seven years.

His passion for travel stems from a simple philosophy, seeing how others live provides a deep insight into how to appreciate the majesty of this place we call Earth. His passion for supporting entrepreneurs in the home-based independent counselor model comes from a love of sharing knowledge and helping others achieve their dreams.

Shean is a huge melophile as well as a singer/songwriter and he considers himself to be an amateur chef, vegan of course. To discover how ONVIGO can assist you with fulfilling your own desire to be a part of the amazing travel industry, why not reach out and arrange a call with him today.


Tania Hung

Manager of Training & Development

Meet Tania

Meet Tania – Manager of Training & Development. A lifelong learner, she believes travelling the world is the best type of immersive education. Her curiosity for learning has her always adventuring in each destination she visits. Embracing new cultures, ethnic foods, unknown languages and stepping outside her comfort zone excites her! One notable moment stands out in Sri Lanka: she was passing by a bustling restaurant, filled with locals enjoying eachothers company. Despite a language barrier, she fearlessly embraced the situation, pulling up a chair at their communal table and asking for recommendations. With shared food and heartfelt laughter, they proved that genuine connections can be formed even in the absence of a common language.

Tania started her career in travel as a Travel Advisor and kept developing her skills and knowledge to move onto other positions such as Quality Assurance and Coaching, obtaining in-depth knowledge of management operations and leadership development. 

With over a decade of experience in successfully directing and leading new and existing training programs for travel services, she finds her biggest motivation in supporting learners to develop their potential and cultivate the right skills to grow their careers.

Her favorite quote: “ Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living’  ~ Miriam Beard


Angela Bokma

Director of Marketing

Meet Angela

Meet Angela, our Director of Marketing. A self-proclaimed adventure seeker and passionate traveller with a lofty aspiration to sample the world’s tastiest cuisines. YUM! According to her, she’ll try anything once.

A full spectrum marketer with over 15 years of marketing experience in the hospitality and travel industries. Skilled at navigating brand direction, full scale marketing strategies, creative digital campaigns, developing connective partnerships and experiential event planning. She brings a progressive approach to all marketing endeavors with a focus on openness and collaboration. She’s super enthusiastic about growing businesses to their full potential along with inspiring the joy of travel in others.

Sasha Aliya Khan

Lead Support 

Meet Sasha-Aliya

Meet Sasha-Aliya, our Lead Support. With a passion for unraveling the complexities and embracing the nuances of the travel industry, Sasha-Aliya has been dedicated to the world of travel since 2018 and has had the privilege of delving into both leisure and business travel, navigating the ever-changing landscape of the industry with enthusiasm and expertise.

As Onvigo’s Lead Support, she is dedicated to providing a seamless and personalized experience for both travellers and fellow travel professionals. Sasha-Aliya believes in crafting journeys that go beyond the ordinary, and her goal is to help travel professionals create a sense of wonder and fulfillment for every traveller, leaving them with cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Sasha-Aliya’s fondest memories are travelling with her parents, discovering new destinations, and creating cherished memories together and as a lover of photography, she sees the world through travel from her own lens, capturing its beauty and diversity one frame at a time. She finds joy in exploring the rich tapestry of history, savoring diverse cuisines, and admiring architectural marvels while on her own journeys.

Sasha-Aliya’s educational background in media communications and digital marketing has equipped her with a unique perspective, allowing her to merge creativity with strategic thinking in the world of travel. 

One of Sasha-Aliya’s core aspirations is to shape the next generation of travel professionals. She is deeply committed to nurturing and growing their passion, imparting knowledge and insights gained from my years of experience. Her mission is to strengthen inclusivity within the industry, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and represented.

She looks forward to inviting new professionals on an exciting journey, exploring the world, celebrating diversity, and shaping the future of travel together.


Claire Burt

Project Coordinator

Meet Claire

Meet Claire, our Project Coordinator. After graduating from Centennial College’s Travel and Tourism Services Management program in 2018, Claire became a freelance project coordinator and strategist for boutique luxury and adventure travel brands. Her clientele has ranged from ultra-high net worth trip planning companies to travel tech and women-owned travel communities. 

Claire’s love of travel was ignited on a tour through Western Europe in high school, inspiring her to explore more of what the world had to offer through different mediums, including a year living abroad in Australia and trekking to Machu Picchu in Peru. 

Through her additional credentials as a certified Transformational Travel Designer and ICF accredited Travel Coach, Claire is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs who are eager to bring a fresh and innovative approach to the travel industry. 

Jeni Puccini

ITA Support & Quality Control Associate

Meet Jeni

She started her Travel Career over 26 years ago, taking a Travel & Tourism Course, finding a role at a Consolidator agency handwriting flight tickets. Life happened and she took the next 24 years to focus on raising her 2 daughters. 

Seeing the world and all it has to offer inspires her, she rejoined the industry 9 years ago as a Travel Agent & an Assistant to a Primary Travel Agent. She created a small business which led to growth of assisting over 9 agents across Canada with their travel businesses. Jeni did not travel much as a child, but she knew she wanted to see this magnificent planet and all it has to offer. She took off on her very first Fam Trip, to magnificent Dubai! That magical experience solidified her passion for the travel industry. Since then, she has been to Mexico, Dominican, Saint Lucia, the USA, and Australia – twice – just to name a few.  

Jeni branched off and became more of an Assistant to Agents which is where her former skills were really called into play.  Her meticulous attention to detail coupled with a thirst for knowledge & understanding make her expertly qualified in her supporting role. She joins the Onvigo Team as an ITA Support & Quality Control Associate and is very excited to combine her experience and knowledge of the travel industry to supporting ITA’s on their road to a fulfilling career. Looking forward to learning and growing, together.

Joey Chau

Marketing Coordinator

Meet Joey

Meet Joey, our Marketing Coordinator. With 10+ years of experience in premium customer service,  B2B marketing, strategic partnership, event management and communication in the travel industry, Joey embodies the spirit of a seasoned travel professional.

Joey’s journey into the world of travel began during her years as a teacher, where she led students on enriching cultural expeditions to Europe, the USA, and Australia. This early passion ignited her quest for a career in the travel industry. Joey brings a diverse skill set to her marketing role from her experience as a travel consultant, global communication analyst, partnership manager, and industry relations expert in the luxury travel segment.

In her leisure hours, Joey is a passionate photographer. Her lens has captured her own travel journeys, outdoor shooting competitions, live concerts, golf tournaments and school events.

She is eager to assist newcomers in the travel industry, enabling them to advance their careers by sharing her expertise and industry insights. Once you’ve tasted the adventure of a travel career, you’ll find it impossible to step away.

Abbas Moosvi

Operational Support Associate

Meet Abbas

With an illustrious career spanning over 24 years in the Canadian Travel Industry, Abbas Moosvi is a seasoned professional renowned for his multifaceted expertise. As an accomplished Operations Manager, he has orchestrated seamless operations, excelling in intricate tasks such as Airline contracts negotiation,  and B2B & B2C relationship management. Having managed reputable travel companies in Ontario, Canada, Abbas brings a wealth of experience that extends beyond conventional roles. His commitment to excellence is evident in his successful stewardship of key responsibilities, consistently elevating industry standards. Abbas Moosvi is a trusted name in the Canadian Travel landscape, embodying a legacy of operational prowess and strategic relationship management.

Anne Marie Fontainha

Recruitment Specialist

Meet Anne Marie

As the recruiter for Onvigo, Anne Marie brings a wealth of experience to her role.  Anne Marie has been a senior leader in the Human Resources field for over 25 years. She has managed the HR function for small and large organizations across Canada and the US in Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Office Services. Anne Marie has also run her own Human Resources Consulting company for many years supporting various organizations. As an entrepreneur she has guided many companies to fulfill their goals through Human Resources Management.

Anne Marie has a passion for knowledge and as a life-long learner she has taken many courses and attained diplomas in a variety of disciplines. As well as working in business she has also worked in a variety of disciplines.  As a certified Make Up Artist from Sheridan College she has a devoted clientele.  As well, Anne Marie is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a clinic in British Columbia and Ontario helping people overcome barriers and lead a more fulfilling Life. Anne Marie has been a volunteer all her life in her community.  Her most recent as a Rotarian in BC and Ontario a common thread in her life has been helping others find their passion and live their best lives. In her present capacity at Onvigo, Anne Marie helps others attain their dreams by becoming Travel Agents.

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