Why Join ONVIGO?

The travel industry is ever changing. It grows to meet the demands of customers in ways that are unlike other industries. The home-based travel agent model is the future of the travel industry. When you look for a host agency to meet your needs, ask yourself “What does this host agency offer me that others don’t?” Here is what makes ONVIGO unique.

Our Network

ONVIGO has access to the largest airline consolidators in Canada. This is unmatched in the Host Agency landscape. This means you will be able to sell airline tickets anywhere in the world at the most competitive prices possible.

Harness a Global Buying Power

Harness the power of exclusive agreements with nearly every major carrier in the world. With preferred contracts and commissions, you will be able to satisfy your clients’ airfare needs into a one stop shopping environment.
Whether your clients are looking to fly domestic with our fantastic partners Air Canada, WestJet and Porter or travelling internationally across any of the airline alliance groups, you will have your clients covered.

Our Commitment To Inclusivity 

We put people at the heart of what we do. If you have experienced obstacles in your professional career as a result of who you are, than you are an ideal candidate for ONVIGO. We support underrepresented communities in gaining access to the Canadian travel industry, while championing what makes each of us special. It is a central part of our philosophy, and one of the core values that guide our operations as a Host Agency.

Technology & Tools That Support Your Success

You will be provided with technology and tools that will streamline your processes and have you working smarter and not harder to support your clients and your travel business dreams.


Stunning websites designed to provide your clients the best user experience 


Easy to use Support System tools, keeping you connected with the support office team


Digital client forms for safe and private collection of data and payments (PCI compliant)


Top tier CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems

Training Designed To Set You Up For Success

Everyone learns in their own way. Our program is designed to give you not only the essentials of travel knowledge, but also all of the processes that surround successfully selling travel.

A full and complete course geared to everyone. Unlike other Host Agencies that require you obtain your TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario) certificate independently before signing a contract or being provided any training, ONVIGO includes the TICO Travel Counsellor education materials in our FREE 2-week course PLUS we pay the exam fee on your behalf. Joining ONVIGO means you are setting yourself up for success from day 1.


Want to know what actual training participants are saying? Check it out: 

Community Camaraderie

Getting to experience the different perspectives and knowledge from other future travel advisors, as well as getting trained by people who have years of industry experience. Training felt cohesive, and I appreciate how everyone was engaged from day 1.”

Highlight of participating

“Gaining such an understanding of travel industry”

Amazing program with so much opportunity

“Being able to learn from those with industry experience. Having a 2 week free training course and TICO test reimbursement was more than appreciated. Having a community to learn with.”

So Much Support

“Realizing how much support and how many learning opportunities are available.”

Feeling Supported

“The sense of community and support “

Terrific Trainers

“The instructors were amazing!”

Final Thoughts

“Overall, the training was beneficial and I feel confident to move forward in the role of independent travel advisor!”

Leap of faith

“Overall a great training and excellent experience. It has me even more excited to continue on this journey.”

So excited for what's to come

“It was ALOT of information but after learning all we did I am even more excited to start my new career!”


“The biggest opportunity to get a free chance to build my own business and a career at the same time.”

Interactive Engagement

“The engagement of participants and all the interactive training were a highlight for me”

Satisfied Participant

“I learned the basics of the travel industry! The training was really engaging and I loved the way it was presented.”

Set up for success

“We received so much training and knowledge in the industry. I think really the overall training was a big opportunity… if I do need to choose one, I would say learning all about platforms will be crucial and a huge takeaway for our success.”

No Experience Necessary

“Onvigo has given people a platform to begin their career in Travel without any prior experience in Travel Industry and has given equal opportunity to everyone to learn. They provide free training and given access to a lot of websites to gain valuable knowledge about the travel Industry.”

Benefits of Joining

“Learning from experienced people in the travel and tourism industry, and committing to writing the TICO Exam.”

Ready to get started?

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